Dynamite decisions & what we will be remembered for.

One this day in neurological history, in 1895, Alfred Nobel wrote his will to fund prizes to those who had "the greatest benefit on mankind". He left the bulk of his fortune to make it happen.

Alfred Nobel was a inventor (most notably dynamite), chemist, engineer, businessman and philanthropist (clearly). He was interested in cultural and peace-related issues, and the prizes he established reflect this.

Mr. Nobel made something that could kill people faster then anything ever before in history but, he opted to leave a better legacy, and it seem's to have panned out for him in my opinion.

This way of thinking shows us that we can choose on a day to day basis, to make choices that can impact team human, in a good way. And also a example of Mr. Nobels neurological processing i'd say.

Our brains have amazing power, with or without dementia and our lives are reflections of this power on a moment to moment basis. We can chose to think in a manner that ultimately is not beneficial (small / limiting) OR we can choose to think and act in what i like to call the, "Goggle maps zoom out" way.

So on this holiday, i am thankful for our abilities, our faculties and power to decide, at every moment, to work and train for the benefits of all mankind and how we played our part in doing so.

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