Hi, I'm Gabriel

Here is what I believe.


The mind is powerful.

Everyone wants to laugh.

Everyone wants to feel good.


Everyone can learn new things.


Entertainment creates connection.

Everyone can have fun while getting stronger.

There is more to health and life then solving problems, somethings have to be inspiring.

     The Mission

At the core the work is simple. Games are created and played with people to help think differently while having fun.

Creativity is applied to focus on entertaining and strengthening brains by scientifically based studies that have shown, individuals brains can be rewired to make new connections by exercising them in a variety of ways accompanied with novelty.

The ultimate goal is to be of service to those of us wanting to workout our brains with inventiveness, novelty and to make Neurosize as entertaining and effective the tool for mental fitness.

A Little Background

Born and raised in Miami Florida, moved to Atlanta in 2009 began work within the Film and Television industry. While working within it would volunteer at a local Assisted Living Community in the neighborhood.


During which, on one of the visits there was asked, if consideration could be made for working with the company as a Activities Director at another property. After a few years within the film and TV industry, interest in it began to dual and realized fulfillment was gained more in helping other's that really wanted to see me, so opted to pursue the position and began research on what Activity Directors did.

Realizing what could be offered with my creativeness, wanting to be of service and being a nerd, concepts of different games and ideas began to develop for those living with neurodegenerative diseases and knowledge was gained with a better understanding first hand about what it is to live with alzheimer's and dementia while working with the beautiful people who lived with it at the community.

After a few years there my friends encouraged and inspired me to do more with my abilities, realizing more could be offered in the realm of fun cognitive fitness, Neurosize was conceived.

In Closing

Am honored to share the games created and always look forward to making fun work for the betterment of  mental wellness, having a laugh and being of service.

©2017 by Neurosize.