What we Do

1 hr Online Cognition Sessions Conducted with

Customized Games / Personalized Programs that Engage, Entertain & Stimulate the Brain in Fun and Creative Ways for Those Living with Dementia or Neurodiverse Conditions. With 1 on 1 Human Interaction.


- Bi-weekly & Weekly -

Fun Makes Us Stronger and Feel Better

Just Like Healthy Eating is Most Beneficial when Done Over a Sustained Period of Time, the Health Benefits of Having Fun Only Improve with Time.

For Those Wanting to Strengthen their Minds in Creative and Fun Ways, Altering Autopilot, Improving Connections with Others, Concentration, Creating Positive Patterns and Tapping into the Natural Power of Our Brains.

Working with Area's Such as Executive Functions,

Neuroplasticity, Visuospatial Perception and the Present Moment the Hippocampus Provides Us.



  • Working Memory Control's Our Ability to Retain and Manage Specific Pieces of Information Over Short Periods of Time.

  • Mental Flexibility Helps Us Carry or Shift Attention to Different Demands or to Apply Different Rules in Different Settings.

  • Self-control Allows Us to Set Priorities and Resist Impulsive Actions or Responses.


Is the Ability of the Brain to Modify its Connections or 

Re-wire Itself Throughout Life. It Allows the Brain to Compensate and Adjust to New Situations or Changes in the Environment.


Visuospatial Perception

Is the Component of Cognitive Functioning Referring to Our Ability to Process and Interpret Visual Information About Where Objects Are in Space to Understand the Differences and Similarities Between Them.


Processes New Memories for Long-term Storage. If We Didn't Have It, We Could not Live in The Present.

Executive Functions


During the hour that Gabriel presents challenges to our Adult Day Program participants ages 63 to 100, they remain engaged to the very end of the session, emerging excited about their many successes. We’ve been amazed at how they sometimes even decide to help each other solve what’s dealt them! The diagnosis among our group includes stroke, a variety of dementias, depression, schizophrenia and anxiety.


Brenda Russell, CTRS

Fulton County Department of Senior Services


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